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Yesterday I came across an interesting interview transcript. While it’s somewhat slanted, I found the answers quite interesting. This isn’t news to me, but I thought that some of the people I know might be interested. So, I e-mailed the link to a couple hundred of my closest friends and awaited the replies.

I got some very wide ranging comments, everything from “Sounds like a communist hiding behind religion” to “We are living in “the richest country in the world”, which is actually just a house of cards ready to collapse from our excesses”. So far only about 1 in 10 of the replies are from people who knew even some of the facts mentioned in the interview.

I was curious if there was any correlations in the comments I receive back so I began to correlate answers to what I know of an individual’s viewpoints on life. The more conservative among them, with a few very notable exceptions, essentially believe that it’s not happening or that the interview exposes nothing worth reading about. The more liberal the individual, the more their opinion veered towards “Yes, I already know this” and “The whole thing is about to fall apart”. By far the most interesting replies I’ve seen are those who think that this is all part of a conspiracy theory of some sort, but those are generally from the more eccentric people I know and I kind of expected that.

If anyone ever gets around to reading this and wants to reply in the comments, please feel free.


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