I’ve been involved in owning, starting and/or managing businesses one way or another for the last 10 years. By working 60 hour weeks I’ve managed to push my salary well into the six figures within the last two years. Now, I find myself wondering whether it’s all actually worth it. Have I been brainwashed by the cult of consumerism to believe that material things equal happiness? Yes, I think I have.

I’ve spent the last decade of my life yearning for material things that don’t… really… matter. While my salary is well above average I still find myself living an average life. We no longer live above our means as we used to but we still live just within our means. We’ve never really bothered tracking where our money comes from or goes, we just spend whatever we want whenever we want, never thinking about the long term cost of anything.

These thoughts first entered my mind last fall, but I didn’t want to listen to them. I continually made excuses as to why I couldn’t play catch with my son, why I couldn’t have a tea party with my daughters or why I couldn’t even find the time or patience to have a conversation with my wife. I believe I started traveling so much primarily to avoid these thoughts.

What worries me the most about this situation I find myself in is that children accept all that they are taught without question. By extension of my actions and belief patterns my children have been baptized into the cult of consumerism. This saddens me greatly but I believe they are still young enough to escape from these belief patterns…. as long as I can escape them myself.

So I’ve decided to lead a simpler life. I have no grand plans yet, nor even small plans, but I am dedicated to achieving this. I will chronicle my quest on this blog in the hopes that it will help someone else escape from The Rat Race. I hope you, dear reader, enjoy the ride as much as I surely will.